Digital marketing is about telling your story through words, photos, graphics, animation, and video - and effectively sharing that story on today's most popular digital platforms.

To be effective, you have to have enough content to post daily - or more frequently - and it’s difficult to set aside time to write, edit, get approval, post, and sort through (or capture) key moments. By using approved assets and approved messages, you can ensure you’re “online” consistently even when your team is busy with other things.

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By compressing months of digital content capture into short, intense photo / video / scripting / writing events, we are the most efficient use of your digital marketing budget. 

Digital marketing is both visual and rich with words. A photo needs a caption. A biography needs a portrait. We know that effective digital marketing is being able to tell a compelling story in a split second - and both the image and the word must come together powerfully to achieve results. With more than 20-years’ combined experience, we we can develop a full suite of digital content assets to be strategically used throughout a campaign.

What’s in the library package?

  • Coordination + scheduling

  • Current media + messaging audit

  • Scripting + read-through

  • Still photography package

  • B-roll video

  • Drone b-roll video

  • Organized digital files, tagged for reference

  • Cinematic narrative video packages


To be effective in digital marketing, you must intimately know your audience: who they are (in all of their different segmentations), what they care about, how they engage on social media, and what drives them to action.

We are skilled in tailoring branded content with the appropriate marketing tools and resources to reach organizational goals.  We can create a strategy guide, develop an editorial calendar, and train your in-house team on how to send out digital content. Or we can manage and implement the digital editorial calendar in coordination with your team - ensuring you’re “on social” consistently and effectively.

Our skills, network, and expertise can be applied to all or part of your marketing efforts, depending on your needs. The flexible nature of our consulting partnerships means we have experienced professionals to expand the scope to include branding/rebranding, marketing planning, digital marketing strategy and management, social media, public relations, print, television, and radio advertising, media buying, promotional items, fundraising, events, and analytics/reporting. 

Available Support Services:

  • Digital strategy

  • Content development workflows + training

  • Organic digital editorial calendar

  • Paid advertising schedule planning

  • Email / automated email marketing setup

  • Video editing for social media

  • Graphic design

  • Animation

  • Voiceover

  • SEO research