Digital Media Library + Marketing - Voluntourism Cruise Vacations


The client hired our team to develop, implement, manage, and demonstrate a social media campaign over a period of 4 months. Beginning with social strategy basics, website UX recommendations, and content capture via 7-day photo/video shoot, and ending with the development of full social media, email marketing, and SEO (blog) development. This full-scope digital marketing effort, led by Holly Harper, was billed as follows.

  •  Social Media Strategy Guide                                       

  • Visual Media Library Creation                

  • Approved Content Library Development                

  • Management, Training, Publishing          

  • Paid advertising                                                                  

  • Analytics

    The company provided an additional three part-time writers, an in-house marketing coordinator, and a digital marketing advertising budget of $15,000. 


Social Media Strategy Guide & Editorial Calendar Deliverables

  • Discovery

  • Understanding the strategic goals of the company

  • Understanding the captured target audience and any segmentation

  • Understanding all existing marketing and engagement efforts

  • Development of the company’s Social Media Strategy Guide to include: 

    • Social media editorial planning overview

    • Resource management and key skills for social media managers

    • Recommended digital marketing platforms

    • Guidelines for effective management of a social media campaign

    • Current best practices for recommended platforms

    • Editorial Calendar Development (2-3 weeks)

    • Definition of target audiences

    • Program goals, objectives, and appropriate metrics

    • Social media editorial content recommendations

    • Sample social media campaigns / topics for three months of social media marketing efforts        

Photography & Videography Deliverables*

  • Content Capture Plan

  • 7-day photo shoot (2 shooters) 

Visual Media Editing & Library Creation Deliverables

  • Library of 400 edited still photographs, labeled by location/activity

  • Library of hours of unedited B-roll and interviews for use in future marketing activities

  • (1) 90 second edited video

  • (12) 15-30 second edited videos

Approved Content Library Development Deliverables


  • SEO Keyword Analysis 

  • Media List

  • Spreadsheet with (60) potential blog ideas

  • (20) Edited blogs paired with photos


  • Editorial Calendar for “The Wave” Branded email newsletter 

  • Visual branded template for “The Wave” email newsletter

  • (8) DRAFT “The Wave” email newsletters with graphic design assets


  • Influencer List

  • Library of 52 edited Tweets/Instagram posts with paired with photographs/videos/links

  • 60 Social Media Post Drafts 

  • Approximately 5 posts per platform per week over a period of 12 weeks on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter


  • (5) Target Audiences created in Facebook Business Manager

  • (6) Facebook/Instagram advertising campaigns resulting in 5 unique target audience

  • (106) Individual ads created 

Management Training and Publishing Deliverables

  • Management of the interns, in-house staff, subcontractors, and process to complete the above library

  • Management of the production and scheduling / editing of the assets in the recommended calendar(s)

  • Training calls and meetings


  • Monthly updates on progress toward goals

  • Full quarterly reporting on performances and recommendations regarding of results on performance, suggestions, and next steps

*Photography and videography was conducted by a team of the client’s choosing.


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