Chris Becerra

Co-founder + Director of photography

With more than 20-years’ experience as a professional photographer, videographer, and photography instructor, Chris has built a standout reputation as a visual storyteller. What sets Chris apart is his ability to connect with the subjects in a way that makes them feel comfortable, relaxed, and engaged in front of the camera. His talent for making connections with people and capturing emotion, light, setting, and context has led him to high-profile photography and videography assignments across United States.

Whether he’s photographing a U.S. Senate candidate in a race that could tip the balance of power in Washington D.C. or connecting with a 3-year-old to create a beautiful childhood moment, Chris is a powerful, professional, and engaging storyteller.

As a co-founder of Triple Arc Media, Chris has expanded his offerings. By scoping and identifying your digital creative needs prior to the shoot, we can offer photography, videography, written content, social media support, and more.

Our Team

Chris Becerra, Co-Founder

Award-winning event photographer, videographer, creative director, video director | Wedding photography

Mark Warnick, Photographer

Photographer, videographer, producer, digital designer, developer

Annie Hunt, Copywriter

Social media marketing writer, digital content production, graphic designer

Holly Harper , Co-Founder

Video producer, social media marketing consultant, strategic marketing planner, project manager | Copywriting + print designer

Celestina Lee, Copywriter

Social media marketing writer, digital content production

Lara Landers, Project Manager

Management support, social media marketing coordinator, social media marketing writer